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Stars of Empire is a Victorian Science Fiction RPG, set in The Hive, Queen and Country universe. The Kickstarter has hit its base funding goal and will produce three new books: Core Player's and Referee's books (which replace the single volume first edition), and a Ground Vehicle book. These three books are supported by three existing volumes, an aerial vehicles book, a sourcebook for the planet Venus and the miniatures rules (The Hive and the Flame, a major variant ofThe Sword and the Flame).

A gaming group only needs the two core books to play. They can use the other books to support their campaigns. The three sourcebooks can be used with Stars of Empire or with many other games, especially Steampunk/Victorian Science Fiction settings.

One of our rewards, a 1:100 scale model of U.S.S. Mustang

We are now hoping to fund some stretch-goals. Our first stretch-goal is a book of Victorian Science Fiction Steampunk adventures. We anticipate this will be about 200 pages long, in full color, and have 10-15 adventures. Like all our sourcebooks, we attempt to make them "system agnostic." Although tailored for Stars of Empire and containing full stats for use with our system, we include real world data so that a referee could convert the data to other systems.

First cut at a deep-space freighter

If we get up to $9,000 USD, we unlock our second stretch-goal. This will be a 300-page book detailing space travel in our universe. This will be the most in-depth treatment of space travel in any Victorian setting. It will cover decades of space exploration and technological development within the setting. We have been working hard on all aspects of space economics and travel within the setting. I think I can say without fear that this book will provide a more internally consistent, textured, and usable look at space travel using Victorian based technology (with a few science-fiction aspects, of course) then has ever been published before.

Help us bring more of this universe to life. We are gamers who write for gamers. Our goal is to produce product that exceeds the expectations we have for items we purchase. Please support us if you can.

Thank You!

All the free stretch goals if we make 4,000 by midnight tonight!…

We are 574 from 100% If we get there by midnight I will:

Do a whole party of 50 Characters

Provide 10 evil enemies to torment the players

Produce in both 15mm and 28mm three sets of deck plans-One ocean going vessel, a long range flyer and a spaceship.

Heck at this point I will throw in a set of plans for a luxurious railway train!

Please help us make our goal and poise us to start on the stretch goals!

I can use some help spreading the word about my Kickstarter.  Please help spread the word my KS.

The three books in the KS are two core RPG books and a land vehicles book. The three stretch goals include a space vessel book. If we hit a fourth stretch goal that will be the Naval combat book, which will cover vessels from 1870-1920 or so. 

Best Value Prize! Pledge $40 or more and get the Full Electronic Library…

For a pledge of $40 or more  you get The Full Electronic Library All six of the books (three existing and three from this project) as downloadable PDFs. You will get the three current books as soon as the Kickstarter finishes and then the other books as they are completed. We hope to have all three done by August of 2017.

In addition you get any and all extra books we fund through this Kicksterter (which could be three or even more!)

PLUS if we get to 100% by Midnight on the 4th of July we will add FIFTY complete characters as a FREE add on. But wait there is more! If we get to 100% by the 4th AND we get a supporter from Africa and one from South America we will ADD a group of TEN VILLAINS as well.

So for 40.00 you get at least six and up to NINE (or even more) books, plus up to sixty full characters, all as PDF downloads. It will be at least 1,200 pages of material! Please take a look and help us spread the word!

Thank you

So we didn't hit 50% on our Kickstarter yesterday…, but I am still willing to do a cool thing if we hit it today by Midnight (and I will accept Midnight local time for the supporter or Midnight local for me, or heck midnight anywhere on planet Earth (Not Mars or Venus)

And here is the cool thing I will do. I will shoot a video of folks creating characters and post it by the end of the 4th of July weekend. I will put it on here and on youtube. Does that sound like a fair trade?
We are almost at 50%…
If we make 50% by midnight tonight I will do something very cool! Not sure what,…

Please help keep this role playing universe alive! We currently have three books in print but want to redo the Core RPG book as two volumes, a Referee's guide and a Player's manual. We also intend upon producing a Steampunk land fighting machines book. We are going for broke here! One project-Three books! Please support us if you can and help us spread the word as widely as possible!

We will be rolling out the Kickstater for the second edition of Stars of Empire, a Victorian Science Fiction (Steampunk) Role Playing game. The KS is for THREE books, a Referee's Book, a Players's Book and a land vehicles book. Between the three volumes we will present over 500 pages!

Please help us spread the word!
We will be launching the Stars of Empire second edition RPG Kickstarter in 13 days on June 12th. Please spread the word and help us out if you can!

We are going to relauch a Kickstarter for The Hive, Queen and Country game Universe and have a number of questions about what folks would like to see in terms of products.

This is a little bit of spam, but mostly some serious questions about what folks look for in gaming products.

Do gamers want a single 350 page base book that includes everything needed to play for both the referee and the players, or two books of the same total page count, one for the referee (200 pages) and one for players (150 pages) ?

Or would the 350 page book for referees be a good idea and them a second smaller book (150 pages) with the player information extracted be a better option?

Full color or B and W, Full color is about three times the cost of B and W.

What can be taken out of the books and put on line as free downloadable content and what MUST be in the books? I.e. do gamers want a lot of tables that allow random Venusian village creation, and other such "background" material in a published work or would they rather have it as free downloadable material and have other things in the part they pay for?

I think White Dwarf magazine used to have a feature called "The Magic Jar" (Man am I dating myself here), in which a character from one system was step by step converted into another system. Would this be a feature people would want to see in published page count or in free on line content? It seems that the various open license systems would allow this without issue, although I could be wrong there (any "rules lawyers" want to chime in?)

We currently have a table top miniatures game "The Hive and the Flame"out-as a version of The Sword and the Flame. We plan on putting out a ground vehicle book. Would including some or all of the vehicle rules from the miniatures book be a good idea or a bad idea? I can see it both ways.

What do people particularly like in an RPG base book? What do they like in a player's guide? What do they like in a referee's book?

Any comments will be very helpful

I really need help! My wife did a pair of very cool acrylic paintings and like an idiot put them face to face so they wouldn't get scratched up. THEY STUCK TOGETHER! Can someone help me  get them apart
So I've been active here for a few months and have communicated with a lot of very talented and friendly people. I have seen more wonderful art here that would have imagined. I want to thank everyone who has posted their work here and everyone who has commented on what I have posted. 

I have a favor to ask. I will be launching a Kickstarter for the second edition of Stars of Empire my Steampunk/Victorian Science Fiction table top role playing game.

If I can have people spread the word about this as it gets closer and once it is launched that would be great!
So I can't say I'm really much of an artist. I take the occasional decent picture (and since I shoot thousands the law of averages has to catch up with me and produce something reasonable from time to time). I am also a game designer. My web page is The Hive, Queen and Country Universe is a hard science science fiction setting. I build models of the machines and troops of the setting and shoot pictures of them as well.